《Personal Data Collection Statement》

The personal data you provide in the form will be used to apply for "Sing Tao Headline" membership, provide member services, contact, conduct market research and analysis. "Sing Tao Limited" (hereinafter referred to as "the Company"), after obtaining your consent, will use the above-mentioned contact information (including your name, user name, contact number, email address) and gender, age range, work experience, reading habits, mailing/residential/correspondence addresses, educational background, and areas of interest, through different contact methods, notify or send you promotional materials about the following categories of products, facilities and services related to "Sing Tao Headline" and its business partners for direct marketing, including different categories of products, facilities and services, including but not limited to promotional materials of below to you for direct marketing.
  • real estate, real estate agency, property, construction, serviced accommodation,
  • banking, finance, investment, wealth management, financing, insurance, business/accounting/tax/legal consulting, public relations promotion services,
  • books, newspapers, magazines, media, movies/film and television/music, culture and art, stationery,
  • computers, networks, social networks/media, computer software/hardware, telecommunications, mobile phones, mobile communications, communication equipment, electrical appliances, photography, video recording, audio and video, digital/electronic products,
  • fashion/clothing, watches, jewelry, personal accessories, clothing accessories, handbags/backpacks/luggage, beauty, makeup, slimming, personal care,
  • diet, food and beverages, catering industry/restaurants,
  • tourism, hotels, entertainment and leisure venues and equipment, theaters, theme parks, toys/games/leisure supplies, interest classes, sports,
  • household goods, household services, furniture and equipment, kitchenware, decoration/design, gardening/ flower shops,
  • shopping mall, department stores, supermarkets, shopping websites,
  • weddings, baby and infant products, children products and services, parent-child/education and nurturing/parenting, pets,
  • recruitment/self-enhancement, human resources, education, training,
  • government/charitable organizations, public services, non-profit organizations,
  • medical care, health and wellness,
  • logistics, transportation, automobiles,
  • memberships, and members communications

I agree to receive, from "Sing Tao Headline" and its business partners, offers / promotional information of the above categories of products, facilities and services.

You can decide for yourself whether to provide non-mandatory personal data, but if you fail to provide the mandatory personal data, "Sing Tao Headline" will not be able to process your application. To view the "Privacy Policy Statement", please go to https://www.singtaonewscorp.com/english/privacy.html

If you request to cancel your membership, please email to [email protected] to notify "Sing Tao Headline". The personal data provided by you will be destroyed within three months after successful cancellation of membership.

You have the right to request access to or correction of the personal data provided. If you need to view or change your personal data, please log in to your "Sing Tao Headline" account to view or change, or please fill in the "Data Access Request Form" (Form OPS003) (https://www.pcpd.org.hk/english/publications/files/Dforme.pdf) and email to [email protected] or mail to the Marketing Department Officer of "Sing Tao Headline", 8/F, Sing Tao News Corporation Building, 7 Chun Cheong Street, Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate, New Territories, Hong Kong. If you request to cancel your membership, please email to [email protected] to notify the Company.

You have the right to request to change your decision to consent/do not consent to receive the above promotional materials. If you need to change, please email to [email protected] with your registered user name, contact number and email address to notify "Sing Tao Headline".