The Media and Media-related operations represent the core business of the Group. As the engine for the Group's long term growth, the Media business occupies a strategic position in the overall development of the Group.

Within the Media operations, the long-standing Newspaper publishing business is complemented by the more recently established free newspaper, Headline Daily, which has become a major profit contributor to the Group's Media business. Together, the Newspaper business boasts a range of Chinese-language and English-language paid-for and free products targeting local as well as overseas readers. In addition, the Group's Magazine publishing business provides a variety of content on local and international affairs, entertainment, lifestyle and trends.

In addition to print media, the Group is also dedicated to providing a full range of online and mobile platforms to tap into new reader segments and additional revenue sources. In line with the development in the industry, the Group aims to build a multi-media business to meet the evolving demands and different needs of the market.