The Group's Newspaper business comprises the renowned Chinese international newspaper Sing Tao Daily, Hong Kong's no.1 free newspaper Headline Daily, and the widely-circulated English free newspaper The Standard. Together with a number of ancillary publications including Property Browser, Investment Weekly, Smart Parents, the Group's Newspapers span a comprehensive range of paid-for and free products in both Chinese and English languages, thereby commanding a large and broad readership base and a leading position in the local newspaper market.

Social Responsibility

The Group places great emphasis on corporate social responsibility. Over the years, it has been committed to numerous community and charitable activities in cultural and public welfare development, all of which have met with enthusiastic support among the public. Since 1994, the Group has organised the "Leader of The Year" Award, an annual highlight in Hong Kong's as well as Asia's event calendar, to recognise the contribution of Hong Kong's outstanding leaders to its success and prosperity, and to establish role models for the young generation.



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