1. In addition to the terms hereunder, the General Terms and Conditions on the rate card previously provided shall apply to each contract for the insertion of an advertorial. In the event of any variations or inconsistency between the General Terms and the terms below, the latter shall prevail.
  2. The Advertiser undertakes to pay Sing Tao Limited in accordance with the rate above, which includes the expenses for editorial write-up, photographs, design, and colour separation. Any request for extra service or processing will be entertained subject to the discretion of Sing Tao Limited and at extra charges.
  3. The Advertiser shall:

    3.1 confirm the booking of the advertorial at the latest 14 working days before the intended date of appearance of the advertorial in Sing Tao Daily ("Publishing Date");

    3.2 settle the full amount due in respect of the advertorial at least 10 working days before the Publishing Date (Late payment may render the space reserved for the Advertiser forfeited);

    3.3 supply all the relevant information, theme, the main points or editorial write-up within the interviews session, which shall take place 14 working days before the Publishing Date;

    3.4 ensure that advertorial layout conforms with the standard format of Sing Tao Daily; and

    3.5 pay a sur-charge equal to 20% of the relevant advertising fee if the order of advertorial is cancelled 14 days before the Publishing Date and 50% of the relevant advertising fee if the order is cancelled 7 working days before the Publishing Date.

  4. The first draft and layout of the advertorial, except the colour proofs, will be sent to the Advertiser for approval. Unless otherwise notified by the Advertiser within the next 1 working day, Sing Tao Limited shall proceed with preparing the advertorial in accordance with the draft and layout accordingly.
  5. Sing Tao Limited shall:

    5.1 be entitled to refuse editing or altering any write-up and artwork relating to the advertorial if it deems fit without giving any reasons therefor;

    5.2 have the right to decide on the final draft in relation to the editorial, photographs, and the layout of the advertorial; and

    5.3 reserve the right to revise the above terms and conditions during the term of the contract.

  6. Sing Tao Limited shall have the copyrights and all other intellectual property rights of the advertorial.