16th Issue Dec 2006

"Investment Weekly" Retail Version is Available

"Investment Weekly", bundled with Sing Tao Daily on Monday, has been highly acclaimed in the market for its high quality and relevant information. The retail version, which has been made available on Sunday since August, is well-received by both readers and advertisers.



Sing Tao Daily Publishes a Number of Quality and Well-Received Guidebooks

Sing Tao Daily has also published a number of functional guidebooks, including the "Investment Guide 2006-2007" launched in October, which offers comprehensive information on over 1,000 Hong Kong stocks. In view of the strong demand from readers, the "Investment Guide 2007-2008" will continue to be offered next year. In November, Sing Tao Daily introduced the "HKCEE Guidebook" and "Kindergarten Booklet 2006", another education-related guidebook, "Secondary School Guidebook 2007", will be offered in December. With the overwhelming response of last year's "Luxury Property Guide", Sing Tao Daily is publishing the "Luxury Property Guide 2007" in December, covering the latest luxury property market and home decoration information. In addition, the free supplements "Luxe Style" and "Car Magazine", published in October and November respectively, were also highly sought after in the market.


Sing Tao Inter-School Debating Competition Sees Record Enrollment


The "Sing Tao Inter-School Debating Competition" has been recognized as one of the best educational activities for liberal studies. This year marks the 22nd anniversary of the competition and the number of enrollment saw a record high with a total of 230 competing teams. With the support of our sponsors, we are able to increase the openings for the competition to 164 this year, allowing more students to take part and put their debating skills into action. The competition started on November 25, Sing Tao Daily and The Student Standard will cover the latest updates.

Express Post Celebrates 1st Anniversary

Express Post, Hong Kong's only free weekend newspaper, offers comprehensive information on shopping and other weekend activities as well as organizes various creative activities for its readers. In celebrating its 1st anniversary, Express Post initiated the "Perfect Route for Fun at Weekend" game and the redemption program of "Express Post Magnetic Whiteboard" designed by Paramen PHD, both of which were met with tremendous response. Express Post will continue to bring surprise to readers through its promotional events.

Headline Daily Gains Competitive Edge with hkheadline.com

Hong Kong's No.1 free newspaper Headline Daily has extended its quality content to website hkheadline.com by including a variety of interactive content such as instant local news, finance and entertainment news, stock quote, exclusive entertainment video clipping, online dining guide, lifestyle information, blog area, horseracing news, travel information and members' benefits. With increasing visitors and member registrations, hkheadline.com is becoming an effective interactive advertising platform.

Leader of the Year 2006 - The Authoritative Judging Panel

"Leader of the Year" is an annual event held since 1994 by Sing Tao News Corporation. This year, the panel of judges will be chaired by Mr. Norman T L Chan together with prominent figures including Mr. Chan Wing-Kee, Mr. Philip Chen, Dr. Raymond KF Ch'ien, Dr. Choi Yuen-Wan, Mr. Chu Pui-Hing, Dr. Alice Lam, Mr. Andrew Leung and Professor Arthur K C Li. Sing Tao Daily, The Standard and Headline Daily will provide detailed coverage of the event to be held on March 29, 2007, honoring the new generation of leaders.

The Standard Launches a Series of Business Events and Promotion Activities

The Standard joined hands with various organizations in a series of marketing events, including the "10th Asian Regional Conference" which was held in conjunction with CPA Australia. The Standard acted as the exclusive media partner and produced a special supplement for the Who's Who of business and the industry's top professionals. In addition, through a one-year partnership program with the Hong Kong Securities Institute, The Standard raised its profile among the business circles in Hong Kong. By participating in the conferences organized by the Euromoney and Amcham as well as the upcoming "Cyberport Venture Capital Forum 2006", The Standard will further reinforce its position as China's business paper.

Furthermore, The Standard is collaborating with Newsweek for a special promotion starting from November 21 at 7-Eleven, where Newsweek will offer The Standard as an incentive for its readers. Moreover, The Standard and Business Week will jointly produce plastic bags to be distributed by the Relay chain bookstore at the Hong Kong International Airport. In addition, a brand new banner of The Standard is currently being displayed at the Star Ferry pier in Tsim Sha Tsui, as part of a new marketing campaign of the newspaper.

The Standard Rolls Out a Variety of Student Programmes

The Standard's "Famous People Story Writing Competition", co-organized with Longman, ended on a high note. "Goodies Merit" Awards were honored at the competition. "The Standard / RTHK Short Story Competition" also ended fruitfully, thanks to the tremendous support extended by the participating schools. The award presentation ceremony was held on December 5 at The Commercial Press Star House Centre, Tsim Sha Tsui. In addition, students from the Hong Kong Sea School and Thailand's Ramkhamhaeng University visited The Standard in November. The students were excited to meet the editor and learn about the newspaper operation and production process.

Sing Tao Magazine Group Co-organizes "The Annual Artiste Awards 2006"

Magazines published by the Sing Tao Magazine Group and New Media Group, including East Week, East TOUCH, Oriental Sunday, New Monday, Weekend Weekly and Fashion & Beauty, co-organized "The Annual Artiste Awards 2006" on December 1 at Grand Hyatt Hong Kong. The awardees were voted by a panel of judges and the public, covering 34 awards from 6 categories, namely movie, TV, music, drama, model and DJ. The award presentation ceremony was graced by the appearance of many special guests.

East Week Unveils the "Hong Kong Brands Award" and "Car of the Year Award 06/07"

"Hong Kong Brands" award presentation ceremony, co-organized by East Week and Sing Tao Publishing, was held on December 12 at Conrad Hong Kong. The objective of the event was to pay tribute to Hong Kong's brands with over 25 years of history, for their contribution and their management's innovations and achievements. At the same time, Sing Tao Publishing published a "Hong Kong Brands", compiling a collection of the brands' histories and their management's vision and philosophies.

In October, East Week invited readers and a panel of judges to cast their votes in the "Car of the Year Award 06/07", and the award presentation ceremony was held on November 28 at New World Plaza, Tsim Sha Tsui. At the ceremony, 17 awards were presented by esteemed individuals including Ms. Aimee Chan, Champion of Miss Hong Kong 2006, Mr. Ringo Lee, Chairman of H.K. Vehicle Repair Merchants Association Ltd. and Mr. Chan Chi Wah, Hong Kong famous rally driver.

PC Market Presents the 3rd "Best of I.T. Award" and "Hong Kong School BLOG Award"

To pay tribute to outstanding I.T. products and services in Hong Kong this year, PC Market presents the most authoritative "Best of I.T. Award 2006". Public voting will start from end of December to late January 2007. The selected nominations were elected by the panel of judges, and each award winner will be voted by the committee and readers. The result will be announced at the award presentation ceremony to be held in late February, 2007.

"Hong Kong School BLOG Award" organized by PC Market, aims to promote I.T. education for secondary school students in Hong Kong. The competition encourages students to utilize multi-media technology to design their BLOGs with the theme on environment protection and school life. The event received tremendous response and winners were presented with awards by the School BLOG Ambassadors Alex Fong and Kary Ng on December 2.

Key Financial Information
Sing Tao News Corporation Limited  (Stock Code:1105)

Number of Shares Outstanding
(as at November 30, 2006)

Market Capitalization
(as at November 30, 2006)
HK$862.9 million

Major Shareholder:
Luckman Trading Limited
(owned by Mr. Ho Tsu Kwok, Charles)

Financial Year End December 31
(Six months ended June 30, 2006)
HK$937.34 million
Net Profit attributable to Shareholders
(Six months ended June 30, 2006)
HK$73.91 million
Net Assets
(as at June 30, 2006)
HK$1,472.54 million

East TOUCH Celebrates its 600th Issue

In celebration of its 600th issue, East TOUCH held a party at M1NT on November 27. During the occasion, "TOUCH Brands" and "TOUCH Icon" awards were presented and announced. The party was well-attended by pop celebrities such as Sammy, Wyman Wong, Michael Lau, Ronald Ng, Justin, Stephy, Niki, Chow, Eric So, Alex Fong, DJ Mini and Eric Kot.

Sing Tao Publishing Launches New Book Category and Unique Marketing Promotion

Apart from the highly acclaimed parenting and travel book series, Sing Tao Publishing has always been seeking to enrich its product list with new categories, such as the recently published titles "The Gangs", "Outstanding Students' Secret of Success" and "I'm Listening, No Charge!", together with a unique promotion method where famous DJ Mr. Cheng Ka Fai was invited, imitating the Japanese writer by listening to people to unburden themselves free of charge on street, which gained media coverage and public attention.

Sing Tao Publishing also took part in organizing the "Kiddie Sky Programme - My Favourite Sports T-Shirt Design Competition" award presentation ceremony, which aims at inspiring creativity in children, in designing sports T-shirts. Joining hands with the Home Affairs Bureau - Commission on Youth, Sing Tao Publishing co-organized the "Youth Summit 2006", which is an annual event where youths can meet with the SAR Chief Executive, Government Secretaries and policy makers to share their views on youth development policy. The theme for the youth event this year was "When China Moves into the World -- The Development and Commitment of Youths in Hong Kong".

EDUplus.com.hk Wins Two Marketing Awards

In the "HKMA/TVB Awards for Marketing Excellence 2006", EDUplus.com.hk, through its outstanding marketing ideas, collected two awards at the award presentation ceremony held on October 24. Distinguished Marketer Award went to Ms. Fanny Chan, Publisher and CEO of Job Market Publishing Ltd., and Ms. Sharon Siu, Marketing Director of Job Market Publishing Ltd., won the Outstanding Young Marketing Professional Award. The performance of EDUplus.com.hk was congratulated by the eight universities in Hong Kong.

Being a authoritative, neutral and professional information medium for higher and continuing education, EDUplus.com.hk takes "interactive learning experience sharing" as its core proposition. Dr. Ed Forum, one of the most representational elements of the product, provides an interactive discussion area tailored for professionals and visitors to discuss and share their experiences on further education. At the same time, EDUplus.com.hk's efficient and authoritative information platform allows it to penetrate into the market segment of youngsters. Its website has became the most popular exchange platform by tertiary institutions, educational organizations and adult learners within three years after its launch.

EDUplus.com.hk Publishes "2U Associate Degree Student Journal"

In catering for market needs, apart from the inclusion of a new online section "2U", a monthly "2U Associate Degree Student Journal", being the first publication targeting associate degree students in Hong Kong, was launched in September. "2U Associate Degree Student Journal" has a mix of education-related news, interviews, academic activity highlights, Q&A section and financial management tips from graduates, with contents written in an easy-reading and light-hearted approach, providing useful information to associate degree students. It is freely distributed at institutions which offer associate degree programs, secondary schools and youth centers. The publication drew excellent response and subscription from readers since its launch.

Sing Tao Overseas at a Glance

At the "First National Ethnic Media Awards" organized by New America Media, Sing Tao Daily's overseas offices and Sing Tao Chinese Radio have achieved 4 awards and became the Chinese media with the most awards. There were a total of 600 entries this year and winning pieces were selected by a panel of judges comprised of 100 individuals from different industry sectors.

On the other hand, Sing Tao Daily's New York office won 3 awards at the "IPPIES Awards" held by The Independent Press Association, being the Chinese-language newspaper to collect the most awards and to win the awards for 4 consecutive years. This achievement has further confirmed Sing Tao Daily's leading position in New York.

In addition, Sing Tao Daily's San Francisco office organized the first "Sing Tao Expo" on October 21-22. The two-day event attracted over 160 exhibitors and was well-attended by 100,000 visitors.

Board Of Directors

Executive Directors:
Mr. Ho Tsu Kwok, Charles (Chairman)
Mr. Lo Wing Hung (Chief Executive Officer)
Ms. Inn, Judy
Mr. Jia Hongping
   Mr. Lai Ting Yiu
 Mr. Lau Chung Man, Louis
 Mrs. Sy Wong Chor Fong
 Mr. Yang Yiu Chong, Ronald Jeffrey

Non-Executive Director:
Mr. Leung Chun Ying
Independent Non-Executive Directors:
Mr. Timothy David Dattels
Ms. Ho Chiu King, Pansy Catilina
Mr. King, Richard Yun Zing
Mr. Lee Cho Jat
 Mr. Tung Chee Chen
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  主要內容 :
《星島日報》推出多本優質天書 全城追捧
「傑出領袖選舉 2006」評審團陣容鼎盛
星島雜誌集團合辦「演藝家年獎 2006」
EDUplus.com.hk 榮膺兩項市場策劃大獎
EDUplus.com.hk出版《2U 副學士學生專刊》



《星島日報》推出多本優質天書 全城追捧

《星島日報》精編多本實用的參考天書,其中在10月出版的重量級財經天書《香港股票指南2006-2007》,網羅逾1,000隻股票資料和詳盡的投資走勢分析,掀起全城換購熱潮,瞬即換罄。有見及此,下年《星島日報》將會再接再厲,精心製作《香港股票指南2007-2008》。教育方面,在11月出版的《十優狀元奪A錦囊》和《幼稚園入學手冊》,全面實用,換領反應非常熱烈。而《2007升中入學家長天書》亦會在12月下旬推出,勢必哄動。地產方面,自去年推出《豪宅王》大受歡迎,今年12月載譽呈獻《豪宅王2007》,搜羅全港最新豪宅盤和家居精品資訊,再度成為置業者、業內人士和廣告商熱烈追捧的地產天書。而早在十月份推出的華美時裝別冊《Luxe Style名牌時尚》和十一月隨報附送的《駕駛王》,同樣以內容豐富而備受讚賞。










「傑出領袖選舉 2006」評審團陣容鼎盛






《英文虎報》早前與朗文合辦的英語寫作比賽已完滿結束,是項活動特設「小小英語樂優異獎」,以鼓勵小學生發揮創意。而《英文虎報》與香港電台合辦的「英文短篇小說創作比賽」,反應熱烈,頒獎典禮已於12月5日於尖沙咀商務印書館星光圖書中心舉行,嘉賓包括助理廣播署長(電台) 戴健文先生、毛孟靜女士及「Bloomsbury Books」總經理關永祈等等。 此外,《英文虎報》於11月接待香港航海學校和泰國的「Ramkhamhaeng University」,期間安排編輯與學生會面,交流寫作心得,並為學生講解報章運作及製作流程,學生均感到獲益良多。

星島雜誌集團合辦「演藝家年獎 2006」

星島雜誌集團與新傳媒集團旗下六本暢銷雜誌,包括《東周刊》、《東TOUCH》、《東方新地》、《新 Monday》、《新假期》及《Fashion & Beauty》所合辦的「演藝家年獎 2006」於12月1日假香港君悅酒店舉行頒獎典禮。是次選舉一共頒發了34個獎項,分為電影、電視、音樂、舞台劇、模特兒及電台主持人六個範疇,所有得獎者均由全香港市民及評審委員會投票選出。頒獎禮當日城中名人雲集,一同見證該演藝界盛事。






由《PCM電腦廣場》主辦的「全港校際網誌大獎」,旨在推廣全港中學生資訊科技教育。比賽以環保及校園生活為主題,鼓勵學生利用文字及多媒體技術創作別出心裁的網誌。今次比賽反應十分踴躍,最後由評審團選出得獎作品,並由「School BLOG大使」方力申及吳雨霏於頒獎禮上頒發獎項。

已發行股數(截至2006年11月30日) 880,513,537
市場總值 (截至2006年11月30日) 862.9百萬港元

主要股東: Luckman Trading Limited

財務年結 12月31日


為慶祝《東TOUCH》踏入第600期,《東TOUCH》於11月27日在中環最頂級的會所「M1NT」舉行一個別開生面的派對,並於當晚頒發「TOUCH Brands」獎項及公布「TOUCH Icon」的得獎名單。當晚一眾潮流人森美、黃偉文、劉米高、伍樂城、側田、鄧麗欣、周麗淇、蘇勳、方力申、DJ Mini及葛民輝等亦有出席。


「星島出版」不斷為讀者尋求題材新鮮的書籍,除了一向廣受歡迎的親子及旅遊書籍,最近更推出了多本新題材圖書,包括《香港童黨實錄》、《傑出學生成功密碼》與《無料呻吟》等。 當中以《無料呻吟》的宣傳方法最為特別,「星島出版」請來著名電台主持人鄭家輝先生,仿效該書的日籍作者在鬧市街頭免費聽人講心事,引來不少記者採訪及途人圍觀。


EDUplus.com.hk 榮膺兩項市場策劃大獎


作為可信、中立及權威專業的高等及成人教育資訊媒體,EDUplus.com.hk 鎖定以「互動性進修經驗分享」為最重要的價值提案。當中最具代表性的是為專業人士及網友設立分享進修心得的互動教育論壇Dr Ed Forum,同時又以高效率、具權威性的資訊平台來開拓並滲透年青人市場,使網站推出短短三年內成為最受各高等學府、教育機構與進修人士歡迎的交流平台。

EDUplus.com.hk出版《2U 副學士學生專刊》

EDUplus.com.hk因應市場需要設立副學士網上專區《2U學士之門》,並從9月起每月出版一紙四版的《2U 副學士學生專刊》,為全港首份以副學士學生為主要讀者群的專刊。主要內容包括教育新聞、人物專題、學生專訪、學術活動介紹、專家Q&A及大學生理財貼士等,以深入淺出的手法,為副學士學生增值。該專刊於多間開辦副學士課程之院校、中學以及青少年中心免費派發,創刊號甫推出便得到各方關注及訂閱。








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