About Us

About Us

Corporate Profile

Sing Tao News Corporation Limited is a media corporation with a vision to become a leading cross-media content and service provider serving global Chinese communities. The Company is listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code: 1105). Its principal activities comprise Media and Media-related operations, including traditional media spanning Newspapers, Magazines, Recruitment Media and Books, as well as online and mobile multi-media platforms which the Group has been developing in order to open up new reader segments and revenue sources. In building our cross-media business we keep a pulse closely on the latest development trends to meet the extensive needs of the market. Based in Hong Kong, the Group’s business network covers major cities in the PRC, the US, Canada and Europe, with around 1,300 staff worldwide.

The "Sing Tao" brand dates back to 1938 when the daily newspaper of the same title was launched in Hong Kong. Over the years, "Sing Tao" has become recognized as a global name in the print media market. The current newspaper portfolio includes paid and free newspapers in both Chinese and English languages, targeting local and overseas Chinese readers. Currently, the Group is placing strong efforts on the development of its new media business by adopting the strategy of upgrading the “single-engine drive” of the Group’s traditional media to become a “dual-engine drive” which combines traditional media and new media, in order to build a competitive multi-media platform. In January 2022, the Group launched the all-new “Sing Tao Headline” APP, providing users with trending news, videos/live broadcasts, personalized functions and practical daily-living tools.

Within the print media operations, the flagship publication is the renowned Sing Tao Daily. Acclaimed as one of the world's most widely-read Chinese-language daily newspapers, Sing Tao Daily publishes a number of overseas editions sold in over 100 cities worldwide, in addition to Hong Kong. The Group has also established for itself a leadership position in Hong Kong's free newspaper market, given the success of Headline Daily and The Standard, respectively the No. 1 Chinese-language and English-language free paper. In the Magazine market, the weekly title East Week provides comprehensive content on local and global current affairs, entertainment, lifestyle and cultural trends. The Group also offers a multi-media platform for recruitment and continuing education advertising under its JobMarket brand.

Corporate History and Milestones

  • 2022


    The mobile application “Sing Tao Headline” was launched on January 3 2022 providing a comprehensive platform that combines news, videos, personalized functions and practical daily-living tools

  • 2021

    The Group appointed new Board of Directors and Management on 3 June 2021. At the Annual General Meeting on 29 June 2021, the Group’s Chairman introduced the new focus on mobile digital media development

  • 2017


    The Group’s headquarters were moved to Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate

  • 2011

    The printing factory was expanded in 2011 to become Hong Kong’s leading newspaper printing plant and the first in Asia to be awarded ISO certifications

  • 2007


    The Standard was re-introduced as a free newspaper in 2007 and was the first English-language free daily in Hong Kong


    In the same year, the Group built a brand-new printing factory in Tseung Kwan O with state-of-the art newspaper printing machinery

  • 2005

    Headline Daily was brought to the market in 2005 and became the No. 1 free newspaper

  • 2002


    The Group’s Magazine Division was set up in 2002 with the acquisition of East TOUCH

  • 1995

    Sing Tao Daily’s e-paper was introduced in 1995, the pioneering electronic newspaper in Hong Kong

  • 1994


    The “Leader of the Year” Award was inaugurated in 1994

  • 1989

    Hong Kong’s first Chinese-language school paper Sunny Campus was launched in 1989

  • 1982


    To encourage the studying of journalism, the Sing Tao Communication Centre was donated to Hong Kong Baptist University in 1982

  • 1978

    The New York, Los Angeles and Toronto offices were opened in 1978

  • 1976


    The Sing Tao Charitable Foundation was established in 1976 to effectively channel donations to the needy

  • 1975

    The San Francisco office published the locally-produced Sing Tao Daily “US Western edition” in 1975; in the same year the London office was set up and started Sing Tao Daily’s European edition

  • 1965


    Sing Tao Daily’s New York edition was inaugurated in 1965

  • 1964

    The Group’s first overseas office was set up in San Francisco in 1964 for the issuance of Sing Tao Daily “airmail” edition

  • 1949


    The English-language newspaper Hong Kong Standard was initiated in Hong Kong on 1 March 1949

  • 1938

    Sing Tao Daily was launched in Hong Kong on 1 August 1938 by overseas Chinese entrepreneur Mr. Aw Boon-haw