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Business Overview

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Sing Tao Headline APP

The all-new “Sing Tao Headline” APP was launched on January 3 2022. Upgraded from the “Headline Daily” APP, the "Sing Tao Headline” APP offers a comprehensive platform that allows users to access news, videos/live broadcasts, personalization functions and practical daily-living tools. Users can view trending news, featured videos and diverse live programs anytime and anywhere, as well as try out free personalized functions through the APP’s “Personal Center” which includes preset live broadcast reminders, favorites and content sharing. Users can access columns by distinguished authors and information provided by different companies on a blog-like interface “PLUS”.

Sing Tao Headline APPSing Tao Headline APP

Launched in 2015, is a one-stop platform for education and parenting, providing information about local and overseas education, parenting as well as relevant events and products. In addition, education experts, experienced practitioners, parenting celebrities and popular bloggers provide their advice and tips on parenting. is the best content source for fathers and mothers to raise their kids.